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achewood July 2, 2004
July 2, 2004: 9 New Blogs.
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Ray: Nobody around?

Ray: A new kind of rum!

Ray: I got to get rid of some Nagels

Beef: man don't go by the sports bar unless you want to get depressed

Beef: 7-11

Beef: h.w.

Pat: Well this was a lousy week!

Pat: Even Spam can't get Spam right!

Pat: I Guess Some Friends Don't Remember When You Are Supposed To Do Things Together.

Teodor: Bizarre Love Triangle

Teodor: These blog templates are corny

Philippe: a good day!

Philippe: uh oh I did it

Philippe: I have a tummy ache

Philippe: Flashdance! is on!

Cornelius: Drat, I Have Read More Bryson.

Cornelius: The New Bryson

Lyle: woke up on a burn

Lyle: pised on side of house

Lyle: hahahahahaahhahah

Lyle: fuck you

Molly: Thank god gramma K is finally in the shower

Molly: Bill Cosby is Set Aflame!

Molly: Roast Beef is so silly

Onstad: Lunch was pretty good today.

Onstad: I didn't have breakfast today; more.

Onstad: Friday's breakfast

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